iphone 11 issue

  • 19 June 2021
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Hi, my iPhone 11 is only 6 months old, and I’ve now noticed that more and more often people can’t hear me when I’m not wearing my AirPods. I’m not sure whether it’s my network connection or the phone. Please help🥺

4 replies

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Hello @Vibe 

There may be a fault with your phone, I would recommend booking your phone in for a repair.

You can find your closest repair center via the link below:



iD Mobile 

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Check the vents on then bottom of the mobile are not obstructed by a case or covering and that the holes are clean and free of dirt or dust

My speaker/mic is forever getting clogged with dust
I also had issues with cases - removing the case enable for clearer speach

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Bluetooth can be  major cause of most sound issues.

Turn bluetooth off and or discount your bluetooth device - this can fix all known sound issues!

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Hi @Vibe,


How are you getting on with this?