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Leaving messages from ID to other mobiles

  • 27 June 2022
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Hi, this has been happening quite often. Whe I'm leaving a voicemail message to another mobile I get cut off after around 25 seconds. Is this happening just for me? It's frustrating not being able to leave a full message.


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5 replies

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Yeah, I know how you feel.

I’ve got an issue calling an 0344 number - my call gets cut-off after 33 seconds.

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In fact, it seems any call not answered within 33 seconds is getting cut-off.

Seems likely this is a mobile network provider setting.

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Sorry to hear you’re having this issue with voicemails, @Richiewyn 


This does however sound like this is an issue on the side of the receiver of the voicemail, if they’re with iD Mobile please have them contact us!



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Thanks Tom, but it happens with several mobile numbers and I don't think they're fortunate enough to be on ID.

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Hi @Richiewyn, I’d recommend speaking to the FacebookTwitter or Live Chat teams so they can take a look at your account.


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