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replacement phone and sim

  • 20 June 2022
  • 4 replies

I lost my phone and my SIM card is there anything I can do to get another phone and SIM card 

4 replies

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You should report your phone & SIM as lost, otherwise you’ll be liable for the bill.

Ask iD for a replacement SIM when you report the loss.

You can claim on your insurance if you’ve got cover for mobile phones, otherwise you’ll have to replace the phone yourself.



Thanks for the reply. I’ve not got insurance 😔 when I get a new phone will I be able to use my id mobile SIM card in new phone? Thanks 

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Hey @Scott Beck, I thought you’d lost your iD SIM and your phone? 

If you do get a replacement SIM from iD, you should be able to use it with any unlocked (SIM free) phone.

However, it might be worth checking the iD Mobile list of approved and compatible handsets before getting another phone.

Good luck.

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Hi @Scott Beck 


If you need to report a device & SIM as lost or stolen I’d recommend contacting us via our iD Mobile Live Chat, Facebook or Twitter page! There we’ll be able to blacklist the handset and have a replacement SIM sent to you so you can use it in another unlocked device!




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