I cannot receive phone calls although I can receive text messages.

  • 25 June 2020
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I recently moved to idmobile keeping my phone number.

I am using the sim from my old device.

Unfortunately I cannot receive phone calls although I can receive text 
messages. I’ve noticed it says ‘No service’.


My phone is an iPhone 7.

Let me know should you require any further information.

Thank you,


9 replies

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Hi @timlondinium,

I am sorry to hear about your issue. Was the iPhone 7 working with our network previously, or is it a new device? Is the device network unlocked from what you know?


It’s a new device. I’ve just switched from another provider. I was given a new PAC code and kept my own number.  Just an update to my previous post, I received a calls via WhatsApp but not from mobiles.  I’m not sure if the device network is unlocked. I sent all the necessary information through.  

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Hi @timlondinium, could you try the following for me? On your iPhone, go to Settings > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Once you’ve performed these steps, reboot the phone and it should force the connection through.

Please note: this will wipe all of your Wi-Fi passwords, so you’ll need to set these networks up again.

Let us know how you get on.


Thank you,


Thank you, I tried it but no luck. ‘No service’ still in the top right hand corner and unable to receive any calls. I also noticed I can’t use mobile data when out and about. Should I still be using my old sim in this new device in order to keep this number? Is there something else I’ve not done. If there is a contact email address I can send the necessary paperwork. I’ve had this phone since the 12th June and can’t use its most important functions. Thank you.

*unable to make any calls too.

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Hello @timlondinium,


I can see you advised in your first message: “I am using the sim from my old device.”


You should be using the new SIM provided by iD Mobile as the number will have moved across to this.

Please can you insert the iD Mobile SIM into the device and let us know if this works?



Thank you Mohammed. I may have misplaced the original sim that was sent through to me. If I can’t find it what are my options? Thanks again for spotting my initial mistake!



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Hi @timlondinium,

Did you manage to locate the SIM card? If not, a blank SIM card can be reissued and we can activate it with your phone number. If you can contact our Live Chat Team here they will be able to get one sent out to you.


Yes I’ve found it and new SIM installed. Thank you everyone for taking the time to help. I really appreciate it.