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  • 5 September 2020
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I am trying to purchase a new phone on a pay monthly deal however the payment is declined at the 1p payment stage. I have tried several times and have come back later to try again but to no avail. All bank and card details have been entered correctly. The 1p payment is showing as pending in my bank account but the id mobile web page says that the payment has been unsuccessful.

1 reply

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Hi @err2, it is a Pay Monthly phone you’re trying to order? It could be that you’re failing the credit check. 

Have you tried contacting our Live Chat team?

They’re available between 9am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

Once you land on the page above, scroll down to see the Live Chat section. 

The Live Chat button may not always appear as ‘available’. If so, it may be a matter of waiting, until an agent is available, so please be patient.

Once the agent is available the button appears blue, indicating that an agent is available.

No need to refresh the page, this will happen automatically.

Let us know how you get on.


Thank you,