transfer my number not working

Hi, maybe anyone can help... I am having esues with porting my old number over. Pac code from vodafone been used to switch to ID 6 days ago. Now vodafone sim with my old number stopped working but old number still did not transfer. Thank you if anyone can help would be appreciative.

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Hey @Natalie Rovnova 


Did you try to rebooting your phone or re-inserting the Sim Card to see if that fix your issue?


Are you using Apple by any chance? Is it messages only that show temporary number or calls as well? 


I would also suppose that number ports might take slightly longer during this unprecedented times but that's just me thinking aloud. 


Lets see if my tips worked for you then we take it from there. Let me know when you try these and we will think of something else to help you.


Kind Regards 


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Hello @Natalie Rovnova,


Sorry to hear you’re having issues here.


Can you clarify for me what happens when you dial out of the iD SIM?

What about if you call the ported number?

If you text someone which number shows?

Lastly, what happens if you call the temporary number (one provided on the connection of the SIM)?



I tryed taking sim out and restarting the phone it did not help.

I am useing Samsung galaxy A71 and new ID sim works fine receiving and sending calls and msgs both ways but old number which i want to get back is showing no network and its not sending msgs and calls does not go through both ways.

Thank you for your advices.