Transfer Number isnt working

  • 1 September 2020
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Hi on friday at 5pm I entered my PAC code into the ID mobile app along with my old number, I was told to wait until the first of september for my old number to switch to ID. However yesterday the date of the expected number switch was changed to 32nd August?? This isn’t even a real date and I decided to wait until 1st september. I transferred from Ee to ID and my PAC code hasn’t expired yet or anything. I need to get my old number back asap as well!! help please.

2 replies

I tried to call my old number it took me to the EE voicemail.

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Hi there @MrMooseman

August 32nd is certainly a new one in terms of the wide range of questions and queries we get to address.  Maybe a programmer was hoping we’d get an extra leap day or something?

Did the number port over fine yesterday evening, or at least by today?  We’d imagine it should have by now, given we’re past the bank holiday weekend.

Let us know though if not, and we’ll private message you to help you further here if need be.