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  • 28 November 2020
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How do you get to speak to a real human at id atm? Live chat is bot. When you ask for an agent it says they're unavailable. 


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16 replies

You can’t speak to anyone no customer service by phone, Live chat is just a bot and no agents available what so ever, Twitter just spams and repeats the same message go to the community, the community mods ignore posts,

your best bet is to see if carphone warehouse can help they have helped me with a couple of things but obviously they are limited to what they can do 

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I’m devastated to see that this is a problem for others as well. I’ve got a feeling Christmas is going to be ruined for my son IDMobile. I’d settle for an email address at the moment!

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Hi everyone,

At times our Live Chat Team here may be busy but we would advise trying again at different times of the day to obtain an answer.

If anyone would like to post what they would need help with, we can try to assist you here too.


I struggled to find any kind of answer, I bought a bundle and it didn't appear or activated although the fees withdrawn

The bot chat is not helping at all 

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Hi @Mohamed.Abdeldayem,


Was the money taken from your bank? How long ago did you process it?



Yes it was taken from my account on week ago on 31/01/2021

My number is  Removed

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Hello @Mohamed.Abdeldayem.

I’ve PMed you so we can take a look at this further.




I have upgraded to 50gb of data yet ID mobile has me on 2gb please can you correct this immediately you have my money I don’t have the data

Thank you

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Hi @Andrew P 

We are sorry to hear this. We will send you a Private Message to look into this. To view the message sent.  Simply click on your profile icon in the top right, then go to your private messages.


Can't speak to anyone? What a joke!! 

Not even when you want information on an additional contract either. 

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Hi @jon1983 

We can help with any information you require regarding all contracts. How can we help you today?


Please can you tell me how I can change my mobile number?

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We can do that right here for you @michdove.


It costs £25 to process and takes place within 24 hours of us requesting it for you. The £25 fee is waived if you can provide a Crime Reference Number in relation to the reason the of the Change of Number request.


We’ll drop you a private Message now to get the ball rolling.



I am no longer a customer, but need to speak to someone, how do I do this?

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Hi @Jordan98,


What would you like to speak to us about?



Why iD Mobile?