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  • 1 July 2021
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I’m experiencing the same thing as many other people on this forum - my old number has not transferred over to my new ID sim.

I have submitted my PAC number and my old phone stopped working 24 hours later. However my new ID sim continues to work with its new number instead of the old number that I want to use.

I was on ID chat support earlier and they told me that the transfer looked complete on their side, but this turned out to be false.

Please help as I’m relying on my old number for work tasks which are being delayed.

Many thanks,





6 replies

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Ok your problem is a bit different to other folks...

Most people complain that they have submitted a porting request but it hasn’t been actioned.


Can you confirm for sure that you submitted a PAC code request and not a STAC code request? A PAC code is used to port an existing number over to your new network provider where as a STAC code is used to terminate your old account when switching to a new network provider. When a STAC code is requested and used, your old number is deleted and any account associated with it closed.


If you’re sure that you submitted a PAC code request, what happens when you call your old number? If the ID Mobile phone rings but shows your temporary ID Mobile phone number is when dialling out then ID Mobile haven’t completed the port from their end (this is always done first). Have you tried turning off the handset and turning it back on again?

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You shouldn’t have to turn your mobile off and back on but it can help kick start the network and the port process on your mobile - airplane mode can sometimes be useful!

@WelshPaul yes 100% I submitted a PAC not a STAC.

When I call the old number it’s no longer in service.

The new number is calling out and receiving calls fine.

@terrywebbs I have restarted both phones multiple times.

I chatted to ID support, and they have escalated it with a lead time of 48 hours…

The problem is my old number is used for a couple of 2 factor authentication logins for work so this has been a real pain. I’ve switched over providers many times in the past and have not experienced something like this before.

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Hi @Grownomics,

We’re sorry to hear about this issue. When exactly did you submit the PAC code to us? Sometimes, a port can take up to 48 hours to complete so this may be a reason for the issues you’re experiencing.


@Ryan I submitted it on 30th June and was assured yesterday that the transfer was complete.

They are now saying it will be done on 5th July 6pm.

The ID support agents are doing their best but it seems like they are not being supported by good processes on the back end to be honest. The whole thing has been chaotic with ID giving me conflicting info at various points… Anyway it is what it is at this point.



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Hi @Grownomics,


We’re sorry for your frustration. If you find you’re still having issues come 5th July, please let us know and we’ll happily provide further assistance.