why cant i receive calls whilst in Thailand

  • 28 November 2019
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In Thailand on holiday and i cant make or receive calls at all . ?

Why ? do i have an old sim card .

Does ID work in Thailand .

I can send text and receive text but no calls either way .

Family have tried calling several times to no response .

internet is working .

iPhone 7 .

1 reply

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Hello @Kon,


Have you tried using the UK dialling code +44?


Thailand is not an inclusive destination for roaming so any usage would be chargeable.

Receiving texts is free.

You’ll need to raise your spend cap to allow your chargeable usage to go through,



Since calls are £2.40 per minute and texts are £0.60 per SMS, it’s possible that your cap only has enough for the texts and doesn’t have enough to allow even 1 minute of a call.

Try raising your cap as well as ensuring +44 is used instead of 0.


So 0333 003 7777 is +44333 003 7777.