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  • 21 April 2020
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I cancelled my contract via live chat on the 10th April 2020. But I have been billed up until the 2nd June. I’ve recently switched to Vodafone and no longer require the SIM card, so this has been disposed of. I understand that the Covid-19 pandemic is having an affect on ID’s ability to be able to serve their customers. But there should be a simple way to cancel your contract, particularly when it has reached it’s end. If this hasn’t already been done, please cancel my account immediately, or I'll no other option but to escalate the matter. 


Best answer by AklimaRahman 21 April 2020, 15:50

Hi @Benlearoyd10 

I have sent you a private message with more details. 



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7 replies

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Hi @Benlearoyd10 

I have sent you a private message with more details. 



Contacting ID is like trying to contact the Queen!! Why on earth is it made this difficult? Appalling service!!

I used the app to figure out how to cancel my contract - I’m moving to another network (and hoping the service is better there!) so followed the app guidance of requesting my PAC code which it says will also cancel my contract. My billing has been updated and it appears that my contract is not cancelled??? Had there been any way of actually contacting someone, I would have been in touch to double check at the point of switching provider - I can only assume this is a way of scamming customers out of more money?! I need to hear from someone from ID!!!!

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Hi @AmyES,

We’re sorry for any issues you have faced with getting in touch. 

When you requested the PAC code, did your new network use this code successfully? If not, your plan will be left active as the number will be still active.


My number has switched over, but I don’t think it was as quick as I would expect,.. the problem I have is that I haven’t been able to contact anybody about this, which I’m assuming now means I will be charged, even though I have done everything correctly. As soon as I received my new SIM card, I stopped using my ID and will all things considered I am completely unimpressed with the prospect of being charged for this. It’s still not even clear what I will be charged for. It is made so very difficult to sort these things out, it’s just appalling! 

I appreciate your response, but would further appreciate this being investigated. 

many Thanks Ryan


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Hello Amy,


Thanks for clarifying that.

Up until the point the number is still with us, your account remains active and bills are produced as normal.

Once your number fully switches over, your contract with us is cancelled.

This then triggers the final bill and any payment that is left is then collected.

Your account is then marked as settled.



Hello my son has lost his phone and I can't  remember  his number as I was a while ago. I have cancelled  my direct debit  with the bank as I have had no help from you. I have tried all ways to get through to you. I would like to cancel my account. My name is Joanne peploe . I am going to trading standards as this is like banging my head against a brick wall.  Please help

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Hi @Jpep,


We’ll drop you a Private Message now to assist you with cancelling your contract.