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Cancelled new contract still charged

  • 11 January 2022
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I brought the Google Pixel 6 Pro on launch day through Carphone Warehouse (big mistake) after a day of trying it out I decided it wasn't for me and tried to return it after almost a week of having to call back due to their systems being down I finally got it returned and eventually had my £50 deposit refunded and was assured that they would cancel my ID mobile account as well. I thought that was the end of that until this Monday when checking my credit file I find a charge from Carphone Warehouse for £9 and its showing as a missed payment WTH!! I emailed them and they basically told me not there problem and that I need to contact ID Mobile I had to put in the until then unused sim in to my phone to get the phone number to then sign up as its impossible to contact ID mobile without having an account I find an outstanding balance for £9,73!!! I am unable to find out what the charges are for as every time I click the link to see the charge the website logs me out and askes me to log in again I should not have to solve the da vinci code just to find out why I am being charged for a cancelled account can someone please respond to this and explain what the charge is for  


4 replies

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Hi @Majestic62,

The bill you have received will have covered the time between purchasing your phone and returning it. We do charge you up until the point of disconnection as per our Terms and Conditions. Did you cancel your Direct Debit before the payment was taken? If so, this will result in an unpaid bill.


Thanks for the reply 

So I have been charged for a sim that was never used I cancelled well within the cooling off period we are entitled too. I haven't received any communication that a bill was owed and for the sake of £9 I have a mark against my credit score. I cancelled the direct debit as I was assured on the phone by car phone warehouse  that the contract would be closed and I obviously didn't think there was any way I could owe anything

Not great customer service 

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Hello @Majestic62,

As per our Terms & Conditions, you’d be liable for the moment the servies were active until returned.

This period is the active period and does not necessarily need to have been used, but you would be liable for it.


This happens from the moment of connection. If this was a delivery, then when the phone is dispatched and if it was a click & collect or store order, then when the phone is collected.

If you were incorrectly advised by Carphone Warehouse that no charges would be made, you’ll need to speak to them and raise any issues and they will be able to investigate and raise for any Credit File Ammendments directly if there was an error/missadvice.



At this point I just want to pay the money I owe for a completely unused service except every single time I click on any link under my billing I get logged out and asked to log back in again I tried chrome,edge,firefox and my phone and I get the exact same result can you please tell how I can pay this off so I can be done with it


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