Cancelling Contract when someone dies

  • 3 May 2019
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We need to cancel telephone contract with ID Mobile as account holder is dead. Can't log in online, no one to answer phone and no one to live chat.. can you make this easier please for people in this situation and advise what we do

4 replies

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Hi Peter, I am so sorry to hear of your loss and I have had to do this last year so know how frustrating the process can seem to be. I don't know about iD mobile specifically but almost all companies will have way for someone who is not the account holder to cancel their service / subscription or contract. You need to use the company contact info first of all to get through to a person ( for iD you can call https://tel:+443330037777 from a landline or other mobile phone) and then tell them you are calling about a person who has died and you need to cancel the contract.
Almost all companies will have a process they need to follow, but in general they will ask you for as much detail about the account as you know (to identify it) then they will want to know who the executor of the estate is, a name and address which will then be put onto the account as a contact for any outstanding bills and letters. They will often also ask for a copy of the death certificate when you have one. The problem I had last year was the person who had died it was in unusual circumstances (in between a hospital and care home) and we couldn't get a death certificate for almost 2 weeks so it held up all the cancellations we were trying to do. All the companies did eventually backdate all contract endings to the date on the certificate though so although it felt like a red tape exercise at the time, I could see how they needed to get the right information before they could cancel things - and although there were a number of outstanding bills they all were happy to send an invoice to the executor and allow them to pay the bill at a later date.
I hope you manage to get this sorted, and I imagine a Bank Holiday weekend is not the best of times to be trying to get hold of any company for any reason - let alone for such an unhappy occasion, so maybe it would be best for you to hold off and try again on Tuesday. Jase
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Hi Peter, we are sorry to hear of your loss in this time of grief.
As stated by JaseA, we are able to help and just need to obtain some details and a copy of the death certificate in order to close the account.

The best way to have this sorted is to contact our Live Chat Team here.

Kind Regards

Hi, I am really trying to find a way to cancel a contract that I set up for my Grandad. He died last month and your website makes it near impossible to leave. It is truly upsetting and there is no way to talk to an actual person. Please can someone help me cancel this contract. 

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Hi @Lizzie Evans,


We’re really sorry to hear about your Grandad, and we hope you and your family are doing as well as can be expected during this difficult time.


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