cancelling sim only contract

I want to cancel my SIM only contract but cant find information on the notice period. When I give my 30 days notice do I still keep all my allowances for those 30 days or do they end immediately?

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Hi @Jm1975,

If you wish to leave without keeping your number we would require 30 days' notice.

Within this time you will have your allowances as usual until the contract is disconnected.

Any usage outside of your allowance will be billed on your final bill.

Would you like us to help you with the disconnection via private message?


Thank you but I can cancel through my account, I just needed to confirm my allowances would continue for the 30 day notice period.

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Hello @Jm1975,

They would indeed.

When you request a 30-day disconnection, your account is set to disconnect in 30-days time so during this time your account remains active.