Fraudulent Account Set Up using my details. Please Cancel!

  • 11 March 2021
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Dear Team

I have had my identity stolen in order to set up a fraudulent account with ID Mobile. This appears to be a big problem & more stringent checks need to be put in place before allowing fraudsters to use our details.

Please can you help me cancel the direct debit and account/contract immediately. I have never set up a contract with ID Mobile. I suspect they may be targeting this company as it is harder to cancel a contract when there is no one to speak to direct! 

Kind Regards



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Hello @Claire87,

Sorry to hear you’re fallen victim to Fraud. I’ll send you a PM so we can look into this.

Fraudsters target all companies.

You’re just seeing this more because we’re dealing with contact on the Community as opposed to having an email contact. 

Other networks will have fraud still taking place, it’s just dealt with possibly via other channels that aren’t as publicly visible that’s all.


Please check your messages and we’ll get this reported for you!