How do you leave ID Mobile?

  • 2 May 2021
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I bought a phone for my mum many years ago. To be honest she never really used it. She must have made about 3 calls in 3 years. She now has dementia, so I cancelled the direct debit, ID Mobile asked for money I contacted customer support cancelled the contract start of April. I thought everything was sorted. Now receive an email asking for more outstanding money. I just want to leave and be left alone. Like everybody else, I’ve got enough stuff happening at the moment, that I haven’t got time to deal with extra frustrations. Can’t speak to anyone, can only chat to a robot. Any ideas? Thanks.


1 reply

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Hi @Kenx,

We’re sorry to hear about your mother's situation.

It sounds as though due to the cancellation of the Direct Debit, this has left an outstanding balance to be paid as we will not have been able to collect the bill payments.

We will send you a PM now to help further.