ID Mobile are stopping my mortgage

  • 4 February 2021
  • 3 replies

ID Mobile are stopping my mortgage acceptance. My sim not working and still taking the money from me. I told them I was leaving and not paying the £10 a month anymore. I got mortgage in September and they have brought my credit score down by half and it is putting my whole, long house purchase into jeopardy. Does anyone know who can help? I have tried Carphone ware house.

3 replies

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Hi @NickyG,


How was it you went about cancelling the agreement? Did you receive a final bill?



Sorry Will,


This went into junk! I have no memory of receiving the final bill for £3.26, although credit control say they sent it, but acknowledge that there were no reminders. My credit score has now been fixed thanks to your wonderful team, particularly Ryan. I nearly lost my mortgage for the sake of £3.26 !


People beware!

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Thanks for updating us @NickyG.


We’re glad that’s all been sorted for you.