Account in Default - No way to pay my bill

  • 21 February 2021
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Apparently I have an account in default with ID Mobile but as far as I’m aware I’ve never had a SIM card or contract with you so I was hoping to find out some more information.


Apparently I owe you £15 from a SIM contract set up on 8th October 2019; which puts it on the date I went into a Vodafone shop to try and set up a new contract SIM. The staff member in store tried a couple of networks (including yours) to see who I was eligible to get a contract with but ultimately I chose a Vodafone SIM in the end.


The problem with this is I believe they started a contract with you at the same time but I didn’t know about it. I have never had or owned an ID Mobile SIM; I don’t remember ever setting up a contract or account with you (before today) and I’ve never received a bill from you either.

Icing on the cake is the Vodafone shop I think this happened in has now closed down; so I can’t even go into them after this lockdown to see if they can work out what has gone wrong.


The only reason I even know about this is because I’ve just done a credit check yesterday and it shows up there; telling me the account went into default 10 months ago!

This is negatively effecting my credit rating and I have no way to solve it. Ringing your support team doesn’t help as they ask for an account number or phone number for the SIM card I’m supposed to have; and the FAQs don’t help me either.


Can you please advise me on what my next steps are? I would like to solve this quickly and start repairing my credit rating now that I know this exists but I’m not sure what information I can give you.


Thanks for your time.

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Hi @Newburn1993 


It does seem odd for Vodafone to set you up on an iD Mobile contract.

We’ll send you a private message on here so that we can verify your details. 

To view the message sent.  Simply click on your profile icon in the top right, then go to your private messages. 





iD Mobile 

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I thought that as well but it was on the same day I was in the Vodafone shop (I checked my bank statement and that was the day I paid the deposit for the contract phone/SIM combo I bought) so I think that’s the only way it makes sense as I don’t remember going into or setting up an iD Mobile account or contract that day.

I’ve sent a private message with as much information as I can back to the support team.


I look forward to hear from you there and thanks for your time



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Hi @Newburn1993 

The support team will be in contact with you over Private message to discuss this further.


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Just to bring some closure to this post;


I have been in contact with @Michelle in my private messages to find and verify my iD Mobile account, where she was very helpful and told me whilst it looks like there was a 30 day rolling plan set up on the same day as my Vodafone contract, I don't appear to have signed anything for the plan and should be credited soon, helping me clear the outstanding balance and hopefully solving the Default.


Also as one last thing; it appears my memory was hazy back in October 2019 and I forgot it was actually a Carphone Warehouse shop I was in where I set up my contract and not a Vodafone shop like I thought and mentioned above.



Many thanks to the iD Mobile support team helping me solve all this.


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Hi @Newburn1993 

We are happy to hear this has now been resolved for you. Feel free to message us for any issues you may have. Take care.