About to be out of contract; want to switch to ID mobile sim-only deal

  • 6 April 2020
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My contract is coming to an end in a couple of weeks and I want to understand what I need to do to ensure that I don’t end up continuing to pay the same monthly contract fee after the period has ended. I want to keep my phone number and switch to an ID mobile Sim only deal. What do I need to do?  Do I just cancel my direct debit? How do I sign up to a new Sim only contract (I don’t need a new phone so I'm not looking to upgrade).  The only available plan change options in the “new plan” section of the app is for large amounts - I wish to change to the £3.99 sim-only deal. Can anyone from ID mobile help??




3 replies

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Hey @CescaCawood 


Is your current contract with iD Mobile as well? If it is then you can go through upgrade process and see deals available to you. When you sort the list of available upgrades by cheapeast first all sim only deals should appear on the top of the page. 

Hi, yes it is with ID mobile. Should I wait to do it til the day my contract runs out (in a couple of weeks)? Or should I order it now? Is there any process involved in retaining my phone number? Thanks very much. 

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Hi @CescaCawood 

If you are staying with iD you dont need to worry about retaining your number. 

You can view available upgrade deals by checking whether you are eligible to upgrade in the iD App or My Account.

1.Select my account from the main menu, which is located at the top left of the screen for app users, or on the left-hand side if you’re in My Account).

2. If you are eligible to upgrade, you will see the upgrade now option. You can select that option to view and purchase current upgrade deals available to you.

3.  If you are not eligible to upgrade, you can select the 'Check if I can upgrade' option within the manage my plan section. You will then be shown the reason you are not currently eligible.

Hope this helps.