Change of ID Account password - code sent to text but can't access?

  • 20 February 2020
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When I try to change my ID Account password, apparently ID will send me a code via SMS as part of the process.

My ID SIM is not installed in a mobile phone, but in an iPad, and was only purchased for the purpose of roaming, when I’m unable to access WIFI.

How can I overcome this problem and receive the code via email instead of SMS?

3 replies

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Hello @foxcherrett,

We do not send codes via email, only SMS.


The only way to overcome this is to install the SIM in a mobile device and then enter the code sent to this.


If you’re using a DATA-Only SIM (which is not a regular 30-day SIM-only plan, please let us know, as the process for this is different.


A DATA-Only SIM is one that we only provide data for, which you would be told when signing up.

This plan is different to a SIM-only plan that you’re only wanting to use the data for, as we’ll still provide minutes & texts to this regardless of if you will/will not be using it.



Hi Mohammed.

I have a SIM only plan however I didn't realise that you offered DATA Only Sims, which in view of my usage, would probably be more suitable, as I dont/cant send texts or use call minutes from my iPad.


The problem with trying to log onto my account earlier was down to issues you have with my Microsoft Edge browser apparently.




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Hi @foxcherrett,

No problem. To obtain the security code, we would recommend contacting our Live Chat Team whilst resetting your password as they will be able to supply the code to you there and then. You can start a conversation here: Alternatively, you can contact us via Twitter or Facebook to obtain the code too.

Let me know how you get on.