Currys gift card with upgrade

  • 23 December 2020
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Hi I’ve just upgraded my phone package and am entitled to the Currys PCW gift card.

After running into problems upgrading, I was being helped through the upgrade by a helpful chap on live chat. At the time he confirmed that I would be entitled to this gift card. I was not able to check the process with him as my chat page crashed and I was unable to reconnect to anyone else afterward  


It was not disclosed how this would arrive and from seeing similar posts, expected a card / code or acknowledgment that there indeed was a gift card coming. 


Can anyone shed any light on how this is delivered and the timescale please. 

Many thanks in advance 


1 reply

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Hello @Justatechman,

The Gift Card for eligible purchases is sent with the phone and is confirmed in your order.


Have you received your order and not got a gift card in the package?