Data Rollover not working

  • 19 June 2019
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I upgraded my plan a couple of months ago. For the first month the data rollover didn't work, I contacted customer services by phone and they advised that it doesn't work in the first month. I was a little frustrated that this wasn't clear and I lose data rollover by upgrading, but accepted it. However on the 2nd month of the new deal the data didn't roll over either. I understood that all ID plans have data rollover?????

Has anyone else had this issue and managed to find a successful resolution?

Thanks, Paul.

1 reply

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Hi Paul,

Data rollover accumulates after the first full month of use since any plan change or upgrade, this could mean up to 1 month or as little as a day of data does not rollover before the first full month starts.

You should definitely find that unused data does roll over after a full month so please get in touch with us at so we can check on this for you and put things right.