End contract, but keep the number.

  • 9 October 2018
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I'd like to end my contract but keep the SIM card on "Pay as you go" basis.
When I try to end the contract via the app, after selecting that i'd like to keep the number, it says that if I don't use the PAC code provided, I will continue to be charged for the currect contract.

Ok so in summary:

I want to stop paying the monthly contract and instead just top up when I need to.
And I dont want to use the PAC code (I will be staying with ID).

Can anyone tell me how to go about this?


1 reply

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Howdy @Gvidas and welcome to the ID Community hub here.

It is with regret that we're unable to actually cancel your existing contract and have the number revert to a Pay As You Go format we're afraid. However, you do have some other options at least.

Now, you could get a PAC from us and move the number to a Pay As You Go SIM with another network if that was preferable?


You should be able to change your monthly tariff to be one of our lower end ones (around £5 a month) which would keep your number active on ID, give you a little bit of allowance to use each month if needed, and ensure you're paying a very minimal amount for that continued.

You should hopefully have the options for the plan change available through your ID Mobile Account (via App or our website). If not though, give our Social Media Team a shout and they'll try to assist you further if need be.

Hope that helps you out.