No Confirmation of Upgrade

  • 18 October 2020
  • 1 reply

Recently was eligible for an upgrade to my contract.

Went through the process of sending a 1p bill to my account but have yet to receive any confirmation of the upgrade or the bill being accepted or going through. (was over 1hr ago)

After the payment, the web page redirected me to an empty basket instead of a confirmation of payment.

I am not sure if more time is needed on this being processed or if something has gone wrong.

Please advise me on this.


1 reply

After talking with ID live chat I have had to change the payment method so that it is consistent with the bank name and account.

I have done this but have YET to receive any kind of communication.

  • Account holder name and bank name are consistent
  • Account address and invoice address are consistent
  • all details match to my knowledge

I have followed the system but have yet to receive any help or acknowledgement to my past problems. If there is a problem with my order I would at least like some communication as to why if I have followed all the steps.

I have been a loyal customer for years and have never had problems like this - please help.