Payment Page Reloading Rather Than Processing Payment

  • 9 October 2019
  • 3 replies

Hi there,

I'm trying to upgrade my phone, but every time I get to the payment page, and enter my details, the page refreshes when I click continue rather than taking me to the confirmation. I've tried on multiple devices now with the same issue happening every time. Please help, I just need a new phone!

3 replies

I've had the same problem and have tried on multiple devices and browsers with no luck.
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We're sorry to hear you've been having problems there @bannahhookless

Have you been solely trying this on our website? or through the iD Mobile App? Or have you tried both?
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Can we just clarify, do the billing details of the purchase match the details of the person making the purchase also?

If you're still having issues, we'd recommend calling our Sales Team on +44800 049 0250.

One of our Team will be happy to assist.