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  • 29 October 2020
  • 3 replies

I've upgraded my plan, they are sending me a new sim, do I need to activate the new sim, are will my old sim automatically adjust to the new plan, I won't be paying for two separate sims will i

3 replies

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Hi there @Ranger69 

In most cases you should be able to continue with the old SIM just fine, the tariff should automatically update on there.

Once you have the new SIM you would have the choice to activate that one using the iD Mobile App.


You would only be paying for two separate SIM’s if you have simply purchased a brand new SIM-only plan from our website.

Let us know if you’re unsure of anything.

Can you please help!

I'm wanting to upgrade, I'm sim only, but if I click now to upgrade will I then have two different sims running, ie will I be paying twice?

or does the new upgrade cancel out the one I'm currently on?

Also I've changed phones from Android to iPhone, so will the upgrade still be applicable?

Many thanks 

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Hi @trickie378, as long as you’re definitely choosing the ‘Upgrade’ option, everything will seamlessly transfer over to the new plan you choose, and you’ll just be paying the one bill.

Your plan will work with an iPhone, no problem :)


Thank you,