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  • 17 May 2024
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We’ve got 4 plans with ID Mobile - my wife’s, two of my daughters and a (data only) phone I use solely in the car. I’ve always been a fan - affordable plans with a good data allowance, but recent events with the new “app” and online accounts portal have left me a little disillusioned.

When the new app became available I actually (can’t remember if by phone app or laptop web browser) successfully registered all 4 plans on the new platofrm, and for me it was an improvement as I could see all 4 plans simultaneously whilst logged in as just myself. With the previous app I needed to log out of each plan and log back in under a different username/password to see another plan - which worked OK but was a bit clunky.

Anyway, I came to the use the mobile app again this week and to my disbelief all the plans I’d added to my account had vanished, and I was back to square one - I can log in OK but then get prompted to add telephone numbers again as there are none there. This time however I’m unable to add any - I get told “The details you’ve entered do not match our records”. Given only 3 pieces of information are required - the phone number, surname of the user and date of birth of the user - I’m pretty sure I’m adding the right details. In the case of the car phone for example the number is just the number, the surname will be my own as will the date of birth. I think it’s possible that because I’d all 4 plans previously (maybe a month ago) they’re no longer being “seen” as available to be added again.

I’ve tried all week without success - different browsers give different outcomes on the laptop, the Android app is just dead in the water and doesn't let me past entering my email address. To be honest this has caused me to look elsewhere - all 4 plans are on 30-day rolling contracts and I’m free to move and I’ve found a provider offering plans that are slightly more attractive (slightly lower monthly cost with more data) and may do just this anyway. I had thought I may struggle to get hold of PAC codes for each without access to my account via app or online portal, but it turns out this can be done by text message, allegedly.

My question is, assuming ID Mobile staff are monitoring this community site is anyone able to assist me getting access to my plans? If you’re able to get in touch via PM I can provide my numbers and the details I believe should allow me to register them on the app/site.

If not I’ll just request PAC codes and make the switch - I can’t continue without online access to the accounts and whatever the problem with the new app/website, it seems serious enough that it’s not going to be sorted anytime soon.


Brian Mackenzie



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