Sim only to contract - Can I keep my number?

  • 9 March 2024
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I currently have a monthly rolling contract, I have had this for over a year, I switched to it when my original contract finished but my handset is now showing its age and i’d like to upgrade to a new phone and have a new 24 month contract.

The phone I wish to upgrade to isn't listed as an upgrade option (because they are all a lower spec phones) I’d like to upgrade to an S24, as such I assume I will need a completely new contract instead of an upgrade, can I keep my current number in doing so, I assume I cant use a PUK code to keep my number if its a new contract with the same provider?


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I assume I cant use a PUK code to keep my number if its a new contract with the same provider?

It’s a PAC code, not PUK. And you’re correct, you cannot move an existing iD Mobile number from one iD Mobile account to another. You will have to port it out to another network and port it back to iD Mobile.

Why iD Mobile doesn't allow their customers to upgrade to a handset of their choosing is beyond me! As long as they pay their bill on time, pass the credit check and switch to a plan that is offered with said handset, I see no reason why they shouldn't be allowed to.

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Thanks Paul, that's settled then. I will be leaving ID, a pity as I’ve been customer for about 8 years.

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Hi @Bennette,

We are sorry to hear that you are leaving us.

You can look at porting your number away from iD Mobile to another network then porting it back into the new iD Mobile contract.

The triangle port will help you keep the number rather than upgrading.



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No because I’d have to have a contract with another company first then come back to you again. Quickest fix? Make better phones available as upgrade options to your existing customers, instead of the low spec models that are slower than my current (4 year old) phone.

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Hey there @Bennette, we’re sorry to hear you feel that way and we take your feedback on-board. If you’re unhappy with your upgrade deals, you could also call our sales team on 02071391397 for further assistance.


Thank you,


I have a SIM card from id that is installed on my phone with my old number,I can receive calls but cannot make calls your answer please