Cant connect to hotspot while roaming in Spain

  • 16 July 2021
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Just arrived in Spain, android phone connected to Movistar after creating new APN, calls, text, data all OK on phone. Set up a hotspot in order to use laptop but cannot connect, message 'No internet, secured' displayed on laptop. New APN is:

Name: iD

 APN: id 


MMS Proxy: 

MMS Port: 8799


Any ideas what the problem is ?








5 replies

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Hi @Axarquian,

Please can you try resetting the APN settings within your phone back to the default settings? You can do this by heading to the APN section, pressing the menu button and then press Reset to Default. You may need to restart your phone after this if it doesn’t work right away.

Let me know if this works. 


I reset APN settings as advised , this resulted in a 3 UK, 3 UK Xcap and IMS APN remaining. Setup an iD APN but problem remains, returning to UK in a few days having internet connection on phone but not on laptop via hotspot.

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Hi @Axarquian,

We’re sorry to see that resetting the APN settings didn’t work.

Instead of creating an iD APN, please reset the settings again and choose 3 UK and then see if that works for the hotspot. This may not work, but it is worth a try given we use the 3 network services.

When back in the UK, you can then connect back to the iD APN.


I have now returned to the UK following 3 weeks unsuccessful roaming in Spain. I tried the above suggestions without success and had to resort to purchasing a local SIM card in order to receive data for laptop use.. I have a DOOGEE X95 handset in which I  have previously successfully used  O2 and EE SIMs in Europe.

Has nobody else had a similar problem ? To recap, Voice calls and SMS O.K. Emails O.K. except when including attachments, they are not sent. Hotspot does not work, message ‘no internet - secured’ displayed on laptop when trying to connect

I plan to visit the EU again quite soon, if this problem continues then I must consider changing providers at the earliest opportunity. 

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Hi @Axarquian,


Did the other network SIM cards you mentioned specifically work in the DOOGEE X95 handset you’re using now? How long have you had the handset?