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  • 17 October 2019
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I've downloaded app for international calls. I've topped up "the card" so I could spent the money for international calls. After some time of international conversation,  the money has been taken from my account in app and also I've got a message from ID, that I've used 100% of my minutes allowance (I have unlimited minutes and texts) and I'll be now charged 40p/minute for every standard UK call I make. My question is, why I'm charged for international calls by ID, if I'm using the other app for international calls which I'm already pay for???

4 replies

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Hi @Sol06 

You should be able to see in the app how many minutes you’ve used and it’s possible that in order for the app to work, you make a call which is then diverted abroad leaving you to pay (use inclusive minutes in your allowance) and then also pay for the divert from the app credit.





Hi, I think there is something wrong with my minutes allowance. Because I haven't used the minutes anymore this month but  my ID app shows that I have less miutes than the one I should have.

Thanks for help.

My Account number:11331623

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Hi @Su21 

Our Live Chat | iD Mobile Network team here would be best to look into this. We’re also contactable via Facebook and Twitter if you use those platforms.

If you have trouble using those services then please let us know here and we’ll offer further support.