Keeping my old number iD to iD

  • 1 May 2021
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I am trying to keep my old number on my new phone, however, my old phone was with ID, and so is my new one, but I’ve got a new contract. How would I go about doing this because when I tried to use the PAC code it said I couldn’t because I was staying on the same network?

1 reply

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Hello @Sophie Jackson,

It’s not possible to switch your number from one iD Mobile plan to another.

You’d only be able to do this if switching from a non-iD network.


Did you old contract finish and you wanted to get a new phone?

If so, you would have needed to upgrade your old contract.

This replaces it with a new contract but keeps the number.


We can assist in returning the new contract then guiding you through upgrading if you like?

Or you can retain the new number and cancel the old one.