Paying bills for an account but don't know the number

  • 18 May 2021
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my partner has an ID mobile sim card which he pays on a monthly basis, his direct debit has been cancelled for some reason as he currently using a free virgin sim that we got with out TV. He still owes money on the ID mobile account but doesn’t know the phone number of the phone and cannot get through to anyone to pay the outstanding balance.  Please can someone help?



1 reply

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Hello @Rosie501,

Is he able to put the SIM into a phone which he can then get the number of by calling or sending you a text?

If the SIM card is no longer in use it’ll need to be cancelled by processing a disconnection for.

Cancelling the Direct Debit/paying the balance won’t cancel this and would only lead to further bills.


Can you get him to make an account and message us here as it sounds like the contract is in his name and we’d need to speak to him to cancel this.