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  • 9 February 2021
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when I try to use the live link I get an error message:


The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.
Your support ID is: 16759051720396743265


Is there an email contact? I’ve already tried asking the question in the community, and I’m abroad (probably explains the error) so I can’t call.

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3 replies

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I’m getting this currently just trying to access, and I’m in the UK!

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Hi @Marilyn 

We’ll send you a private message on here now so that we can assist you further with your account issues you’re facing currently.

Simply click on your profile icon in the top right, then go to your private messages.



Are you still facing issues logging in still?
  Are you using our website online or the iD Mobile App to try to log in to your account?


My issue was getting a question answered BEFORE I took the action of getting my SIM redirected to me in Vietnam. It’s now too late, it’s on its way. If there's a problem with the card, and I need LiveLink I will let you know.