Forgotten Passcode

  • 17 January 2021
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Hello I just had my brand new phone yesterday, today I have tried to go on it and I have forgotten my passcode so I can’t get in, does anyone know how I’m going to be able to get back into my phone? thanks

3 replies

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Hi @Caewils,

That’s not good to hear, which phone do you have? We’ll see if there are any ways around this although most methods may result in your device being completely data wiped.


I have the same problem before, i tried several methods to bypass the passcode to change another one, there are 4 ways :

Using a Tool

There are different iPhone Passcode Unlocker available in the market,  that can be used to reset any disabled/locked iPad/ iPhone/iPod without a passcode. It is compatible with all the latest models of iPad as well as all the versions of iOS. So it might come handy even when you lose your iPhone passcode. You can reset the passcode with a few clicks effortlessly.

Through iTunes

If you had linked your iPad/iPhone with iTunes, you can use it to reset your locked device. Through iTunes, you can reset the passcode with ease.

Through iCloud

If you signed in to the iCloud in your iPad/iPhone any time in the past and had enabled Find My iPad, you can reset it without any passcode through iCloud.

Through Recovery Mode

If you didn’t link your iPad/iPhone with iTunes or iCloud, then the most feasible option is to try out the Recovery Mode. It can be very useful when you cannot reset your device with the steps mentioned above.

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Hi @KorealPP,


Which one of those was it that worked for yourself? Have you fixed your issue now then?