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Not arriving at the supermarket, realising I’ve forgotten my mask and having to go home again to get it.  Every time.

Going back to the theatre. Both in stage and in the audience. Then afterwards having a great meal.

Being able to fly home to Ireland with less restrictions so I can hug my niece that I’ve not yet met 😁

On 1st October I have a granddaughter living in USA who is getting married and has asked me to perform the ceremony. We have flights booked BUT are dependant on restrictions being lifted so that we can attend. This is an honour and a privilege which I would love to carry out!

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My sister had positive test for Covid last week, she lives in Manchester and I live in London. We were supposed to spend time together and enjoy family time with the rest of the family. When the lock down ends and hopefully by then she would recover, would love to spend family time together 😢

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Missed taking my beautiful wife out for meals, especially after a rubbish week at work.  It’s just great to forget about other commitments and focus on family time.  Can’t wait to take our 4 children for days out also and have some fun after a year stuck at home. 

Being able to have a much needed date night with my partner as we both worked so much this last year we've hardly seen each other.

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Get away from home and enjoy a few days away in an hotel where there's no washing, cooking or cleaning. Just freedom and time to enjoy myself restriction free. 

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Seeing a play live, enjoying pre- & post-show drinks & nibbles, indoor dining that’s not indoors at my house.  The latter is happening already, but still a while to wait for theatre - in NI anyway!

I can't  wait to have family get togethers in a nice restaurant. 

Since losing my job during lock down, I have now taken on child minding duties and school runs so..... a conversation, in a pub, with an adult is all I crave for. 

we are moving into our first house this month and I’m so glad we can have people over for a (small) house warming!! 

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Getting the opportunity to travel , having the chance to eat out and above all, meeting friends again.

Giving hugs 🤗 

Going on family days out and grabbing a bite to eat in our favourite restaurants, or going wild and trying a few new places. 

The gym!!! It's all I have thought about for the last year. I crave it. I neeeeeeed it! My brain doesn't function without it!! 💪💪💪💪

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We’re still looking forward to taking my 19 year old son out for his 18th birthday drink and meal! 🍻🍽

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Being able to see my friends again on countryside walks stopping at a pub at the end for some food!

Just looking forward to not having to do the washing up!

Meeting up with family and friends and eating out together!

Going out without a mask would be amazing

I cannot wait to walk inside a shopand my glasses not instantly steam up! 

Taking my 2 daughters swimming again & also catching up on all the birthday meals (at our favorite restaurants) we missed out on!

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I just want to go for a nice cold beer in a pub

To meet friends and go out for a delicious meal. Woop woop!!

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