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Download the NHS Track & Trace app – Competition

Download the NHS Track & Trace app – Competition
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Download the NHS Track & Trace app – Competition


Heading out?

Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer! Lockdown restrictions are gradually easing, and many of us are venturing further from our homes than we have over the past year – but let’s not blow it now!

We’re not fully back to ‘normal’ just yet, but we’re able to go out for food and drinks with 6 mates, work out at the gym, get stuck into a blockbuster at the cinema, even attend football matches. Loads of things we’ve sorely missed.


NHS Track & Trace App:

However, Covid-19 may be around in one form or another a little longer, and things are still a bit different. Head out of your front door and wherever you go, a facemask and anti-bac are as necessary as your phone, cash and house key. But there’s another essential that’ll give you piece of mind, and help protect you and others from Coronavirus at this late stage. We’re talking about the NHS Track & Trace app.

We’ve spoken about the Track & Trace app before. It’s got loads of useful features to always keep you safe, and always one step ahead. You can check any symptoms you’re feeling against the official list of Covid-19 symptoms, log results of a Covid-19 test and even check the risk of exposure in your local area. But the feature we think stands out above all is that you can use it to check into a venue.

If you’re planning to head somewhere, be it a shop, bistro, bar, or bowling alley, you’ll probably see a sign at the entrance asking you to check in. When you have the Track & Trace app, all you have to do is open it on your phone and scan the QR code to check yourself in. Not sure what that is? Take a look at our guide to QR codes to find out!

Checking yourself in this way each time you go somewhere is the best way to find out if you’ve been near others that have tested positive for Covid-19. It means you find out sooner rather than later, so you can make smart decisions about protecting yourself and others.

You may have seen some venues requesting that you write down your name and contact details as an alternative, but this just isn’t as effective. When you write your details, the venue need to contact you manually when a customer has tested positive for Covid-19. By that time, you could be anywhere! With the app, you find out right away.

So, while we’re all getting back out there and making big reunion plans with our friends and families, it’s more important than ever to download the Track & Trace app. It’ll help you check into that favourite restaurant, pub, gallery or museum much quicker, and keep your loved ones safe too. Win, win!


Competition Time!

We mentioned just a few of the things we’ve missed while the nation’s been in lockdown – now it’s your turn!

We’ll pick two lucky winners and treat them to a £50 Restaurant Choice gift card. With a great selection of restaurants, it’s on you to choose what you fancy. Our treat!

We want to know what are you most looking forward to doing now that restrictions are gradually being lifted? It can be anything from revisiting that eatery where you’re on first name terms with the chefs, getting back to the theatre, or even giving your mates a hug!

Standard competition ​t​​​​erms & conditions apply. 

Best of luck!


Congratulations to @VelvetGlove and@daveyboy you are our winners! You will both receive a £50 ‘Restaurant Choice voucher’ - Well done!

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Thank you all for entering, the competition is closed. A winner will be announced shortly.


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Being able to have a meal out in a pub with my family

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Seeing my loved ones. Family time has been sorely misse. I’d love to go out for a family meal with granddaughter 

seeing all my cousins and uncle who live in cleveleys, my dad passed away in 2019 and i got back in touch with uncles and aunties i hadnt seen for years, and met cousins i didnt even know i had, it was great to meet them, and i havent seen them for over a year now and miss them so much, they kept dads memory alive for me, and i cant wait to see them all again.

To see people enjoying life once again, children smiling, and life back in the towns and cities, that is priceless. 


I’m most looking forward to being able to take my clients (adults with learning difficulties) on trips again and hopefully on holiday!


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Going on a staycation. Or even better a vacation!

Being able to plan my wedding properly - go bridesmaid shopping, have a hen do, have the wedding meal tasting :)

Being able to upgrade my phone, in person, a year late!

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Having a proper conversation with people instead of on a screen or through a mask - actually connecting and seeing body language instead of talking to avatars

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Live Music! I really, really need to see some live music. Open up the pubs and let the beer and the music flow :grin:  :metal_tone1:

Eating a meal with family at our local restaurant and seeing friends around the country.

Being able to visit friends and family and being able to hug people again

Cant wait until my wife and I are able to go to a restaurant and cinema like we used to without any restrictions as I'm at extra risk.

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I’m really looking forward to being out of the house and not shying away from people who are walking towards me. I used to be such a people person and didn’t bat an eyelid at crowds, noise or being in a social situation or even a busy London tube! Now the thought of it fills me with nerves and it’ll just take some time to feel normal again. I can’t wait for the fear to recede and the normality of everyday interactions to come back!

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Being able to communicate with a smile not hidden behind a mask!

Being able to meet up with friends.

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Being able to be with close family not seen for nearly 20 months and to visit friends and having a meal out.

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I think getting back into the theatre would be incredible. From visiting London so often for new shoes and a lot of old ones, not being able to go for way over a year has been tough for sure. Dread to think how the performers themselves have felt! 
I think London as a whole will be my first adventure. ☺️

Meeting up with my best friends again after months and months and having a fun night out with cocktails, tapas and wine.

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I can’t wait to see a concert with Simply Red that has been rescheduled twice because of Covid.

Few pints and a curry with friends

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I’m looking forward to watching my local non-league football team, Warrington Town in Cheshire.  Last season was almost completely wiped out by the pandemic, the season before didn’t finish. I’d love to watch them again, seeing all my friends and having a cheap pie & a pint!  If you’ve never been, give your local non-league team a try - MUCH cheaper than Premier League and good quality football.

Going out for a meal with family.

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Going to France to see my little sister who has a 7 month old baby that none of the family have seen yet.

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