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phone number expiring for imessage and facetime

  • 10 February 2022
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recently ported my old number and it’s finally switched over - but my iphone says my number will expire from imessage and facetime as it’s only registered to my account and not the phone but when looking at the details for my number in settings it’s the same one. i’m really confused and concerned i’m not going to be able to use imessage and facetime soon?


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2 replies

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!! FIXED !!

i actually managed to fix the problem with the following method:


  • sign out of imessage and facetime (settings > message > turn off imessage | settings > facetime > turn off facetime) 
  • take out sim card
  • turn off phone
  • insert sim card
  • turn on phone and make sure number is correct (settings > phone > my number) (in this case i didn’t put +44 just 0)
  • turn on imessage and facetime (the number i inputted came up under the expired number and i clicked it and BOOM! expiring notice disappeared) 

hope this helps anyone who was freaking out like i was !

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Charles my man, it worked! Thank you so much, you’re my lifesaver


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