Unauthorised Port of My Number to Another SIM

  • 27 June 2024
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I received an unrequested PAC number. The port has been successful & the criminal has successfully withdrawn money on my credit card.

After two very protracted & timely periods on the ID chat I was advised that it would be directed to your ‘back office’ team to recover my number. Based on there being no further communication & what I have read on this community I have little confidence that this is being dealt with. In the meantime the criminal is able to carry out all sorts of fraudulent activity using my number.

When I ring the number it still rings so it looks as though the number hasnt been blocked

Could an ID employee please contact me & assure me that this is being dealt with as 48 hours has now elapsed & no communication from ID !!!

3 replies

Since the last post I have been on a further chat with ID to chase them up & at least got some assurance that their Tech Team were working on obtaining a PAC number (ironic) from the other service provider where the number was ported to illegally. If it takes the Criminal a matter of minutes to obtain a PAC number & a short time to transfer the number why does it take ID days to get the PAC number to retrieve my number?? Maybe they have no idea who the ‘other’ service provider is?? 

All in all the security levels on this process are seriously lacking & I am seriously considering litigation because of the personal, financial & emotional stress this is causing me.

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Hi @Peter Sanderson 


I see we’ve been in contact with you here however refused to share details so we can look into this.


However you also mentioned you’re already in contact with an iD Mobile team, therefore we recommend continuing with them.



The Sam thing has happened to me! Web chat trying to STOP my number being ported out to LEBARA. That was too late! Now nearly 10 days and no working phone and my number when I ring it says switched off. Froze my bank and credit cards. Escalated to customer complaints and got a very scammy looking email from curry’s CEO asking me for lots of personal data by emai! Have a temp number and have asked them to call me…..told may take 3 days for even this to happen.

Meanwhile,  it’s causing chaos 

PLEASE a if anyone is reading this from ID mobile…..I need my old number back ASAP 😬