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Hi, the last 2 months I’ve run out of data! Last month I had to buy an add on and Today I have had a text saying I’ve used 80% of my data!

There have been no significant changes in my mobile usage for me to understand why my data is suddenly being used up way before the end of the month!

This month I have been turning off my Mobile Data whilst at work and still I’ve used 80%!

Please can someone advise how to sort this or at least what my data is being used on each month!


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Hi there @Meghan 

We would only ever charge you for data that your phone itself is using with your iD Mobile SIM.

Whether a new app you’ve installed or some settings you may have inadvertently changed for an app have meant something is eating more data in the background without your knowledge, it’s difficult for us to say.


Thankfully with most phones these days.  You should be able to go into the Settings of your phone and see somewhere within the settings just how much data is being used by which particular apps.

If you’d like to let us know what phone you’re using we can try and help you find that if needed?

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Separately too.

It tends to work out cheaper to do a Plan Change and move your tariff up to one that includes more data per month (usually for an extra £1 or £2) versus buying outside-of-plan one time add-ons.