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data allowance incorrect

  • 8 October 2020
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I recently got a new phone , and a new contract . The new phone has a data allowance of 10 gb , but the ID Molbile app i have installed shows I have only an allowance of 5gb . What should I do ?


Best answer by Ryan 14 October 2020, 18:14

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8 replies

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Hello @Delboy1953,

Can you just give us a bit more information here.

Is this an upgrade to a existing contract or a brand new contract you’ve taken out with us?

How long have you had this?


When you say “the new phone has a data allowance of 10 gb” do you mean the plan you purchased was 10GB?




It is a new contract and an upgrade phone , when I signed the contract it was for 10gb of data , the id mobile app I have installed still shows an allowance of only 5gb. I've had the new phone for 12 days now  . Hope this information is helpful 

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Hi @Delboy1953,

Thanks for those details. Due to upgrading the plan part-way through the month, the allowance section may not show the full new amount until the allowance refresh happens.

Please can you let me know if you have already passed your allowance refresh date? If you have, we can offer further support via PM.


Yes you are right , my allowance has finally appeared , thank you for your advice . We can consider my concerned closed now . Again , many thanks

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No problem @Delboy1953, thanks for updating us.


Please do get back in touch if ever you need anything else.



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I've just upgraded to a sim only contact with 100gb data. Just logged on to the app and it says I have 50.4gb available, where has the other 50gb gone


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Hi @The Stig, this will be a pro-rata amount due to switching plans approximately half way through your billing cycle. You’ll be charged accordingly, and you’ll receive the full allowance from next month.


Thank you,


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Thanks Rory, I did think that was what happened but wasn't quite sure. 



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