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Price changes in April

  • 12 December 2018
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Having read the small print, am concerned to sign a 24 month contract, when prices may go up by an unknown amount in April. How much have they increased by in the past? What seems like a good offer now, may turn out to be very expensive in 4 months time. Advice anyone.

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4 replies

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Hi @Daisyx

Depends on the deal that you have seen, there are deals like 3/4 months half price and then price goes up but I didn't see offers like this from ID therefore I believe thate there is nothing to be afraid about. I am with ID for over 2 years and my contract never changed. As I understand this price change is regarding inflation or market changes so ID can protect their income but nothing that will likely happen just you know, covering all bases.
Thanks Hikari. Appreciate your taking the time to respond. have a good day. ☺️

I pay 16.00 month for my phone  so how mush will  the increase be in April 

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Hello @Mary Wright Wright,

Are you on a SIM only contract or a handset contract?

If it’s a SIM only contract, then there won’t be any change.

For handset plans, you should see this increase to around £17.24 assuming you are subject to this years RPI increase.



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