cant send premium rate messages

  • 15 May 2024
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Hi, I am trying to send a text message to a premium rate number but I get an error message saying that "ID can't send that message - error 0".


I have checked my account, and I have premium ticked with a cap of £10. The service I want to use is £5 and this is the first time I have tried using a premium number since joining ID in December 2023. 


I used the premium service all the time when I was on Three without any issues, but fir some reason I can't send it now I'm on ID. 


Ant ideas on what I can do? The premium service I want is a 5 digit short code if that makes any difference. 


Many thanks, Gee


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4 replies

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Not all shortcodes will work on the iD Mobile network, @Geeneale

Nor do iD Mobile belong to the UK SCMG (Shortcode Management Group), who manage and allocate UK shortcodes.

While Three UK may have had the necessary commercial agreement in place for the shortcode you’re trying to use, iD Mobile might not.


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Hi @Geeneale 


Please could you let us know the short code you’re attempting to message?



Hi, the short code is 79100.


You type the word SWING and it should charge £5 to your phone bill and send you a code that you put into the website to gain membership access.


I have been using this method for the last 9 years and it has worked fine on the Three network. This is the first time I have tried on iD 


Thanks, Gee

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Hi @Geeneale,

I would advise to check if it’s a bill pay charge or a premium SMS charge.

It sounds like its a bill pay charge where it uses your bill as a payment method.

If this is the case iD Mobile doesn’t support this method.