Can't send MMS and no Mobile Data Network settings

Just joined and using a previous iPhone 6S Plus. I am unable to send any MMS. The MMS toggle is switched on in settings. There is extra credit on my account for payment. There is no "Mobile Data Network" option under the "Mobile Data" in settings.

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Hey @castacademy,

If you head to Settings > General > Profiles
Are you seeing any old network profiles?

Can you try deleting this for us?

Are there any Access Point Name (APN) settings?

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I think there’s many iPhone users with the same problem. It would be handy for iD to add a ‘I have this problem also’ button to see the numbers of customers who are affected.
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Hi @alitux,

I understand your disappointment, I have responded to your post here: Please may I ask that you post on one thread regarding your issue so we can help you easier?