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  • 9 January 2019
  • 2 replies

Hi, from yesterday I'm out of service

2 replies

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Hi @Galya

That certainly is strange! Please Click Here to be directed to a similar Topic which has been answered. If this doesn't help then please get back to us on here and we'll see where we can go from there.

When replying please include what handset is experiencing the issue so we can help further.

Please note: If this helped then please mark it as best answer to help others in similar situations too! :)


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Hi Galya.

Are you in the UK, or roaming abroad?

If you're in the UK. Please put in your home postcode here:

This will let you know if there are any known issues with your local mast -or- if work is ongoing in your area that could potentially be affecting you. If you're receiving "No Service" everywhere though, then this would imply that either your phone or your SIM card is potentially at fault.

If you contact our Customer Services Team by one of the various options available here though, they'll be your quickest way to help diagnose the problem here and get this resolved for you.