SIM not working

I have upgraded my phone from S10 to galaxy S22. I requested PAC coe, sent it off etc etc to keep my old number. This was last week and my SIM still isnt working yet, can anyone help with this?


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Okay @Dannymacgt, the iD community is mainly a place where members try to help one another. 

Any iD account related issues, PAC requests et cetera, would need someone from iD Mobile to assist - best options for this are the iD online live chat, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter DM.

The iD support teams work until 8pm weekdays (and 6pm at weekends).

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Hey @Dannymacgt,

When you say you upgraded from the S10 to S22 do you mean you joined iD Mobile with the S22 and now want to transfer over your number to the new contract?

Or do you mean you were on a contract with us already for the S10 and then upgraded to the S22?