sim only contract to monthly contract keeping same number

  • 10 July 2023
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I have a SIM only contract with ID mobile and upgraded in June, I put my old SIM in new phone thinking this would replace my old contract with the chosen handset contract and i would be able to keep my phone number.

But I am being told I can't and I'm being treated as a new customer. 

Do I have to get a PAC code from id mobile and send it back to id mobile??

Please how do I keep my old number ??


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Oh dear @Fabulous, from what you’ve posted it sounds like you’ve purchased a new iD contract, instead of upgrading your existing SIM only iD contract. 

Unfortunately, you can’t use a PAC to transfer from one iD account to another iD account - a PAC can only be used when moving your number to a new supplier.

You’ve got two options @Fabulous

  1. If you’re in the cooling-off period, get a returns number for your new contract to cancel and return the order items.
  2. Get a PAC for the number you want to keep, move that number to a new provider’s PAYG SIM (e.g. giffgaff), and then get a PAC from the new provider to transfer the number you want to keep to the monthly iD contract.


Thank you so much for replying @andewhite it seems alot to do to keep the same number, I will have to put it down to a learning curve and will use the SIM that came with the phone number 👍🏽🌞😁

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Good luck @Fabulous.

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Hey @Fabulous,

In the future, you can just log into your account and click My Account > Upgrade

Upgrading will replace your contract with a new one and/or handset (if selected) and keep your number.

If you need help cancelling the old contract, please let us know.