Disconnected and cannot get PAC

  • 14 May 2024
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Hi all


I am hoping someone can help here as I am getting nowhere fast with the live chat support, despite contacting them 4 times now.


Long story short is that I moved from Vodafone to ID earlier this week, but the signal and 5G coverage is really poor - most of the time I would only have 1 bar. My wife also moved and is having the same experience (we’ve not moved her yet as this palaver is still ongoing).


Upon contacting Live Chat they said they would cancel my contract as I was within the 30 day cooling off period. They did this and said I would move to Pay As You Go - this is where my problems have started.

I requested they sent me a PAC code to transfer my mobile, but this has not been forthcoming - they said it will be emailed but nothing has been delivered. I’ve also tried to get this was the SMS method, but the automated service does not respond.


To compound issues, my number has seemingly been stopped and I get not data service. I am also unable to log into the website or the app to manage my PAYG account or look at whether my PAC is displayed there.


I am posing here before I try to contact the Live Chat again later today as I really just wanted to get this fixed… I am tethering to work phone right now to post this message!


Thank you in advance for your help



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Hey there @freijasama, welcome to Community!


We’re sorry to hear you’ve had issues with getting your PAC code. Sometimes when a customer is already disconnected, the PAC code fails to send to the email for some unknown reason. I hope this has been resolved now, but if not, please let us know and we’ll send you a PM.


Thank you,