My SIM card plan hasn't been set up as agreed - showing as Nil EVERYTHING on statement

  • 14 June 2024
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and am now receiving text messages to say that I am up to my “over data” cap?? I’ve only been with you for a couple of weeks???

I contacted the online chat facility, immediately after activating my SIM card when I first set up my idmobile app account, because my Data Allowance was only showing a 36GB allowance & not the 45GB I had signed up to. The response was that it was showing as 45GB at your end - a “ticket” was raised for this to be looked at.

But this afternoon, I’ve received a text message warning me that I am up to my “over data cap”. Meaning that I’ve had no benefit what so ever from you.

Looking at the 1st statement that is showing on my account, which is under the original SIM card number (having now transferred my previous number to you), this shows - 0 Minutes, 0 Texts & 0 Data - when it should be Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts & 45GB Data. In my app account it is still showing Unlimited, Unlimited & 36GB Data

I need someone to pick this up and own it, to get it sorted - I only joined you earlier this month - and things have gone wrong from day 1.

6 replies

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Unfortunately @IanRich, sounds like you’ve joined iD just after they launched their ‘new’ iD app and “My iD Account” online applications. 

Apparently some customers continue to experience a variety of mysterious issues with these ‘new’ applications, which went ‘live’ around 6-7 weeks ago. 

Everything is probably correct in the iD back-office systems, which are only directly accessible by an iD advisers.


Thanks @andewhite I joined iD ‘cos my wife had been with them for 12 months & had no problems - she’s just renewed her contract & that all went through Ok.

She did have some hassle uploading & setting up the new app on her phone, but sorted that out quite quickly.

But the problems I’m getting seem to be about the whole set-up? I can’t seem to see what calls, texts etc I’ve used anywhere online. This may because my contracted data allowance is 45GB, and the app is only showing 36GB - so I’m well within that? I mainly use wifi at home anyway. But that doesn’t cover off the text message saying I’ve used 100% of my Bill Cap amount & that I won’t be able to use anymore services until the bill is paid?

I’m seriously considering moving away from them


I’ve just relooked at my app account and it appears that my SIM has NO DATA allocated to it. When comparing with wife’s account she has a green line to show that there is data left to use - but my Data summary says I have 0MB/36GB (which should be 45GB).

So this must be the Bill Cap usage - data I pulled down this week whilst I was away from wifi.

Can’t see how they could get this wrong?

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Well iD Mobile is great value when everything works, but I discovered when things go wrong they can be incredibly frustrating to deal with unfortunately.


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Hey there @IanRich, thank you for reaching out.


Sorry to hear you’ve had these issues. Are you still having issues, and if so, which please?


Thank you,


Hi @Tyler - apologies for the late response but thought it polite to acknowledge your message & advise that I have now left idmobile - with in the 30 day cancellation period.

I moved to a PAYG contract - but then couldn’t put a plan on my account - which meant I had to move to another provider. BUT I did deal with another Cust Serv’s contact who seemed to do something which allowed me to access mobile data for the 2 days I waited for my number to transfer?

IF ONLY this could have been applied before I had to move away??

Needless to say I have advised them that I wont be recommending them to any friend / family.