Can't receive one time passcodes

  • 7 October 2023
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Hello all. I'll try and keep it short as this has been covered before. 

As the title says, since switching to ID I've been unable to receive OTP's/verification codes. Frustrating for a few reasons, but mainly because i can no longer access online banking through any apps. I've tried every online troubleshooter, no joy. They're all the same to be fair. I can send and receive sms messages without problem.


I've raised this with ID through the live chat. I feel like I'm talking to a bot rather than an agent most of the time. Their rep seems to precede them. The problem has apparently been raised with the elusive technical team, but after having spent the last 4 months being asked repeatedly to wait 24-48 hours for feedback, which never comes, I thought I'd see if it would be quickly to get a solution here. 




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27 replies



I joined ID on Sunday coming from EE. I went on a contract with a IPhone 15. I cannot receive one time passwords. I’ve tried everything, followed all the suggestions from the online chat but no success. Off and on again, taking the sim out and back in, checking the numbers correct with the bank and starts with 44 7, checking the number matches that store in my phone, calling the bank again.. it’s endless.
The online chats sound like a bot and aren’t of any help. They said it would be escalated to their technical team but it’s been a week and nothing. I saw someone had waited 4 months before giving up and changing network. I’m currently blocked from all my banks because I can’t access the one time passwords, I really need access! 

I have 13 days to terminate my contract, if I can’t resolve this by Saturday I’m going to need to leave ID before I’m stuck with them for two years. Has anyone found a fix for this? I don’t have the luxury of waiting much longer because I can’t get to the currys store  to cancel the contract due to work. 


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Hi @Swaitsy83 @Immya,

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