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  • 8 February 2024
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I’m off to Europe soon and was attracted to iD by the free roaming. I’m now concerned that it may not work as I can’t check the APN settings, as iD advise me to do, as they aren’t available with an iD SIM.

Besides making no sense, it’s flippin’ annoying.

The easy solution is to go to another provider; any suggestions?


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11 replies

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Hello, We have been roaming in Spain many times and never needed to check APN’s. Once you arrive in the EU, you receive a welcome text message (and provided roaming is enabled) your phone will find available networks. ID don’t have their own, they piggyback off others. Movistar works for us.

What maybe more important is when you started with ID, there are different roaming allowances dependant on when your contract started. Before or after June last year is critical.


Thanks for your response. I only took this contract last month and was a bit concerned that they’re telling me to check the APN but then don’t allow me too, slightly odd!

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Check your T’s & C’s but you may only get a 30 Gb per month date roaming allowance.


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APN settings only seems to be an issue if for some unknown reason the roaming partner network identifies iD Mobile as Three UK (the iD network partner) instead of iD. 

In these situations, it appears that calls and texts work perfectly, but roaming mobile data does not.


Thanks andewhite. That is sort of my concern, I'm going to Europe for a month and really don’y want to not have data and it would appear that that is a risk with iD


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Maybe look at SMARTY, who do provide access to APN settings and have inclusive EU roaming.

Only their roaming data is 12GB/month, not 30GB/month as per iD.

Do you happen to know if you can see the APN settings with Lebara as they allow up to 30gb data whilst roaming?

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Sorry, not familiar with Lebara, @andrewb1963.

Maybe their online support has faq/help for APN settings?

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Hi @andrewb1963 


If you do encounter any issues related to the APN settings that you can’t change while roaming, we’d recommend performing a network settings reset to see if that helps, however we wouldn’t expect issues and would believe nothing should need to be changed.



Want my phone to work in Italy please allow my roaming to be working 💪 

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Hi @Miriam HP,

Welcome to the Community!

Is roaming enabled on your handset and your iD Mobile account?

You’ll also need to manually connect to one of our network providers 3 ITA or WIND.

Please reset your network settings and try again if you have any issues.